Art City Amsterdam

Rein Wolfs - The enigmatic director

July 1, 2021

What is the evolution of the Stedelijk Museum? Rein Wolfs talks about his first year as director, and how what started as an evolution of the country's foremost contemporary art museum might become a full-blown revolution. He explains why Ulay and Hito Steyerl were the first shows he programmed, the role of the four new curators he has appointed, and which artists are on his wish list for the collection.

In our outdoor segment Wolfs takes us on a walk from the first location of De Appel all the way to the river IJ, through the historical Prinseneiland neighborhood, showing us where Ulay, Marina Abramovic and Paul Thek worked when they lived in Amsterdam. The episode concludes with a list of the galleries and project spaces on his radar.


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